1) The Loyalty Program is as such that every purchase you make you get 1 Percent of the Price you have paid... as points 

2)Those Points can be redeemed as money after you have crossed 250 points. 

3) Every point collected will be the same value as the INR Rupee. 


1) We have a Bat Pick Up And drop Service for knocking: Anywhere in mumbai, Just at an additional cost of INR 100.



To Avail The Price Match:

  1. It is being sold by a local retailer or a verified online Platform.
  2. The item on the other platform or with the local retailer should be the  same as the item being sold on including brand, model and size.
  3. There should be some proof of the price of the product from the Other online  platforms or local retailer which can be verified by us.
  4. The item should not be in the Non Eligible list (Scroll Down)

The Non Eligible List:

  1.  If the product is out of stock on the other online platforms or with the local retailer.
  2.  If the Item is free or part of promotions or any kind of offers with the other platforms or local retailers.
  3. In cases of shoes if the majority of the sizes are out of stock with the other online platforms or local retailers.
  4. The other online platforms or local retailers products MRP does not match with ours.
  5. If due to human error if the price is entered incorrectly.

How can you get the price match service done?

You can email us at

Share a written proof of a local retailer or you can send us the link in case of any other online platform showing the lower prices than our website and offer.

We will check the Product/Price terms and conditions and go ahead with your price match.

The Final say remains with us if genuine we will also give you a FreeBIE with the price match.